What You Need to Know About Technical Support at StarChapter

How do I ask a technical support question or report an issue with my software?

The most popular way to submit a ticket is via the StarChapter Admin Area. Log in to StarChapter and enter a ticket to ask a question or report an issue. Find the support ticket button at the top right corner of the admin area or under General > Support > Support Tickets.

  Tip: Read more about best practices when entering a support ticket.

Alternatively, call StarChapter’s toll-free number at 866-775-3205 to speak with a Ticket Administrator. Describe the question or issue, and then the Ticket Administrator will enter a ticket. In both cases, a support ticket is routed to the StarChapter Support Team and addressed within four (4) business hours.

Why do I need to create a support ticket?

Every question or issue receives a ticket. This helps board members to track progress and the StarChapter Support Team to manage workflow. A tracking number is instantly assigned to a ticket and emailed back to the user who submitted the ticket. Admin Users can manage tickets through the ticketing system accessible on the StarChapter software at General > Support > Support Tickets. The Support Tickets area documents and saves open, pending and closed tickets.

What is the typical response time for tickets?

The StarChapter Support Team strives to provide a meaningful response to support tickets within four (4) business hours. The StarChapter Support Team is available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time, excluding Federal holidays.

If an Admin User enters at ticket at 10:00 AM, then expect a response by 2:00 PM. Any tickets entered after 5:00 PM will receive a response by 1:00 PM the following business day. Many times, responds to tickets are less than four (4) business hours.

How does StarChapter prioritize and organize support tickets?

The StarChapter Support Team responds to tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. If the issue is urgent and needs an immediate resolution, then select the appropriate priority when entering the support ticket.

Can I speak with a StarChapter Support Team member over the phone?

StarChapter provides call back phone support. To receive call back support, create a support ticket requesting a call back. Include any preferred times and phone numbers within the ticket. A member of the StarChapter Support Team will attempt to call back at the preferred times.

Who can contact the StarChapter Support Team?

StarChapter provides support for Admin Users. An Admin User is anyone involved in seting up the software, or the Primary Account Contact of the organization. These users are typically members of the board or have been delegated by the board, such as an executive assistant or a paid administrators.

The StarChapter Support Team does not provide support to members and non-members who are not paid administrators or board members.

StarChapter Support does not alter access privileges for Admin Users or board members. This can only be done by a full admin of your organization.

Why are tickets closed?

The StarChapter Support Team works to ensure that open issues are effectively and promptly addressed. Tickets are closed for the following reasons:

  • The support team member believes an appropriate response or materials were sent to answer the question or resolve the issue.

  • There are no open issues that the support team can address.

  • The support team cannot connect with the Admin User who submitted the ticket, typically in three (3) business days.

What kind of support is included in the StarChapter Subscription?

The following types of support are included with the subscription:

  • Functionality questions

  • Bugs

  • Ongoing training sessions

  • Access to self-help materials at support.starchapter.com

  • Access to association management materials at www.starchapter.com/Blog

The following types of support are examples of paid support through a signed work order (after the Setup Project):

  • Content updates and migration work

  • Data related work of manipulating files for importing

  • Restore from backup caused by customer's doing

The following items are not supported:

  • Content writing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Help with 3rd party applications, such as email clients, accounting software, merchant accounts, etc.

  • Any custom or 3rd party code, scripts, CSS, etc.