User Guide: Products

General Notes

Products are for selling anything besides member dues or event registrations.  Products can be sold in association with meetings, but do not include an event seat.  Sponsorships and raffle tickets are commonly set up in this way.  

The List of Products: Filters and Searching

By default, products will be listed in alphabetical order. The main view includes the product name, type, price, quantity (if inventory is being tracked for this item), catalog name, and shortcut action buttons on the right hand side for common tasks.  The date and status filters can be used to find certain products quickly.  Use the date filter to find products based on their creation or updated date, or the type filter to find products based on their type.  A full explanation of product types appears below.  Catalog and Category filters are also available to find products easily.  

The search option searches based on the product name.  Note that the description will not be searched.  

The main view also includes check boxes for marking and selecting products to be deleted.  Deleted products are not recoverable, and there is no recycle bin.  Additionally, products with associated orders cannot be deleted.  To hide a product that has associated orders, remove it from all catalogs and future meetings.  It will no longer be available for purchase.  

The View Orders button goes to the Order Manager, where a filter will be applied automatically to show only orders associated with the selected product.  Alternately, to view the number of orders for many products at once, the Products Sold Report may be used.  The Inventory button goes to the Inventory Manager, and an existing product may be copied and modified.

Adding a Product

To begin the process, click the Add a Product button.  


Select the product type first. 

Product Types

Donation: donation products may have a fixed price, or they may be open.  When someone purchases an open price donation item, they'll be able to choose how much they are contributing.  

Downloadable item: use this type to allow individuals to purchase access to a file.

General Purpose Item: general purpose items don't have any special features associated with them.

Inventory Item: inventory items are tracked by the system.  Even if there is no physical product, any item that has a limited available count (but which is NOT connected to a registration seat) should be created as an inventory item.

Raffle ticket: raffle tickets have no special associated features.


Enter a name for the product.  Produce images are optional.  Multiple images may be added to a product.

If the product type is Downloadable Item, upload the file that is available for puchase.

The description area holds detailed information about the product that will be displayed on the catalog or meeting where the product is sold.  

Products can be placed into categories.  Product categories are not shown on the front end of the web site, but are provided for the convenince of the site administrators.  

If enabled, social media sharing links will allow a site visitor to easily share information about this product using their choice of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Email.  

Restrictions limit who may purchase a given item.  Restrictions are primarily used for members-only items.   

Products can be added to meetings and/or catalogs.  But some products are only appropriate for one or the other.  Use the check boxes to designate that a product should be available for addition to meetings and/or catalogs.

Pricing, Inventory & Questions

Enter the price of the product.  Open donations do not have an associated price because the purchaser chooses how much to pay.  

Questions can be used for collecting additional information from purchasers that does not affect the price of the product. Click to add a question, choose the type, and then enter the question text.  Questions may be text, such as for entering the name on a personalized product; check boxes, such as for choosing multiple options; a list of radio buttons, such as for color or size selection; or a drop down list, which can also be used for color or size selection.  Answers are not necessarily required. 

All Done!

The final summary screen contains all of the information that was previously entered with Edit buttons for modifying the information in any section. 

Further Reading and Common Product Questions

Where is my product, and how do people buy it?

New products are not immediately available for purchase.  You'll need to go to Store > Catalog and add the product to a catalog, or go through Meetings > Meeting Manager and add the product to a meeting.  Products must be associated with a catalog or meeting to be available for purchase.  

Is a walkthrough video available? 

Yes, listed on our video tutorials page.