User Guide: Non-Member Manager

General Information

The Non-Member Manager contains a standard and flexible view similar to those described in the Member Manager section of the user's guide. Because the information of the greatest relevance for non-members differs, the columns shown in the standard view are different to reflect that. Non-members have an approved/pending status similar to members and can also be suspended. Non-members can also log in and edit their profiles and access restricted areas similar to members, but cannot view all the pages that members can.

StarChapter allows a maximum of 20,000 non-member records.

Non-Member Pages

There are a few pages of specific relevance to non-members:

  • Non-member Application
This is for people who aren't members to create profiles on the site. They will not be able to access members-only areas but may view items that are exclusive to individuals with accounts.
  • Non-member Area
Non-members with profiles on the site will log in here.
  • Non-member Information Editor
Non-members can update their own profile information here.

If you wish to start using these, you'll need to create a way for people to get to these pages via Navigation Builder.

Non-Member Logins

In the Settings area (linked in the upper right of any section in the Membership area on the admin side), there's a tab to control various non-member options. These are described more fully in the documentation for the settings. If non-members are allowed to log in with their e-mail or username, then the member login on the first step of event registration will be changed to Account Login with an option to log in as either a member or a non-member.