Tips: Setup StarChapter Before A Meeting

Setting up a meeting or an event for ticket sales requries advance notice. Complete the tasks on this list to make sure meeting registration goes smoothly.

Getting Started | Page Content Interaction | Sending a Meeting Email | Print Bages | Registration List

Getting Started

Go to Meetings > Meeting Manager to setup an initial event or meeting. Refer to the User Guide and Video to learn more about using the Meeting Manager.

Prior to any registration, review all of the items in Meetings > Settings > Permissions. This is especially important for conferences, golf events, holiday parties, and any other large scale event.


For recurring events, StarChapter recommends entering and marketing the event at least three weeks prior to the start date. Major conferences, golf events, and other major fundraisers for the organization require at least six weeks lead time.

Coupons & Vouchers

Coupons allow members and non-members to apply dollar discounts to a ticket. Vouchers are for members only and allow for free attendance to a meeting or event. Review the Coupons & Vouchers User Guide to learn more.

Interaction with Web and mobile Content

Promoting an event or meeting requires publishing the content on different pages and content sections.

Meeting Information and Calendar System Pages

By default, all published meetings show on the Meeting/Event Information and Calendar pages in Content > Page Manager > Page Content.

Page Content Sections

Three content sections are available in Content > Page Manager > Page Content that dynamically pull material setup in Meetings > Meeting Manager.

Meeting Content Display Options

Use the categories available in Meetings > Settings > Categories and Templates > Categories to segment meetings and events via Content > Page Manager > Page Content.

Meeting Categories

Make sure to apply the categories in Meetings > Meeting Manager.

Meeting Categories

Meeting Details

This automatically shows the date of the next meeting with the specific category.

Meeting Information Page

Shows a detailed version of the meeting.

Meeting List Module

Displays more than one meeting based on the category.

  Tip: Edit the dynamic content in a meeting content section via Content > Design Manager > Page Templates. Search for 'meetings'


In addition, all meetings automatically publish to the system Calendar page. To edit the calendar contents, edit the meeting in Meeting Manager, and not in the calendar.

Sending a reminder Email

After publishing the meeting on the website, the next step is to send an email reminding members and non-members to register.

Go to Communications > Email Manager. Hover over Send an Email, and then select either Send Now or Schedule for Later.

Send Now

Use this option to send a one time email.

Schedule for Later

Use this to schedule reminders a certain number of days before a meeting or event.

Meeting Type

On the Type screen in both situations, select Meeting Email for Meeting Type. This pulls all the meeting template options setup in Communications > Settings > Templates > Meeting Email Templates.

Meeting Template

Recipient List

Both options share the same Recipient List options. The options that are most relevent prior to a meeting are: 

  • All Non-Registered Members: Sends the email to members who do not show on the registration list. This pulls from the roster in Membership > Member Manager.

  • All Non-Registered Members & Non-Members: Sends the email to both members and non-members who do not show on the registration list.

  • All Meeting Registrants: Sends and email to member and non-member meeting registrants.

  • All Member Meeting Registrants: Only sends the email to member meeting registrants. 

  • All Non-Member Meeting Registrants: Sends an email to non-members who are Membership > Non-Member Manager

Meeting Registration Detail

Print Badges

To access Badge templates, select the action button.

Print Badges

First, select an Avery template for the badges. A listing of meeting registrants, both members and guests, appears with checkboxes the names. Check the box for the badge to print for that individual.

Holiday Party Badges

At the bottom, the system calculates how many pages of label paper are needed for the number of registrants selected. Any blank badges on the final sheet will be printed with the chapter's logo only for anyone registering at the door.  

  Tip: During printing, do not use "fit to page" or "scale to page" options. This reduces the scale of the badges and cause them to not fit on the label sheets.

Upload Badge Images and Adjust the Template

Go to Meetings > Settings > Categories & Templates to change the event badge logo.

Logo Update

Meeting Registration List

To get a comprehensive list of meeting registrants, go to Meetings > Meeting Manager. Hover over Reports, then click Meeting Registration Detail.

Meeting Registration Detail

This leads to the Meeting Registration Detail screen.

Meeting Registration Detail

  Tip: The meeting registration list is also available in Meetings > Charts & Reports > Reports > Meeting Registration Detail.