Tips: Email Verification Overview

What is Email Verification?

The Email Verification process ensures that email addresses are valid and can receive mail. This is done by delivering small volumes of individual messages and confirming receipt. It can be difficult to ensure the reliability of contact data. StarChapter simplifies this with built-in tools for email verification for both members and non-members.

How Does Email Verification Help My Organization?

Email addresses that reject the organization’s mail, a process known as message bouncing, damage the organization’s sending reputation over time. Messages from senders with bad reputations are more likely to be marked as spam, even by addresses that would not otherwise reject messages. It is important to identify email addresses that bounce messages and to limit the amount of mail that goes to them.

In addition to protecting the organization’s sending reputation and increasing email deliverability, email verification is a great tool to help manage email lists and protect them from becoming outdated.

Similar to an opt-in, verification not only protects the organization’s reputation, but also assures the quality of the data. This ensures that the organization has a realistic view of member and non-member engagement. Accurate metrics are a key component of understanding the effectiveness of promotional efforts.

  Tip: Learn more about industry best practices with email campaigns, compliance with the US’s and Canada’s anti-SPAM laws, and how to maximize deliverability.

How Does Verification Happen?

StarChapter performs email verification in the background in most situations. If a recipient opens an individual message, then StarChapter receives a notification. This email address is now verified.

Here are some situations where this can happen:

  • When a new member receives a welcome email and clicks the link to set his password.

  • When a prospect opens a receipt email after registering for an event.

  • When a sponsor opens an invoice email after signing up for a sponsorship.

Any new address must receive a verification message before becoming part of the overall mailing lists. This includes not just new contacts, but also existing contacts with changes to their email addresses.

Do Administrators Need to Do Anything for Email Verification?

Admin users will only need to ask contacts to verify if they:

  • Have not opened a receipt or invoice

  • Still need to setup a password for the member area.

Unverified member or non-member contacts display in Member Manager or Non-Member Manager with a message about their verification status. Please read more about sending verification messages.

Do Members and Non-Members Need to Do Anything for Email Verification?

Most members and non-members verify their email addresses through their regular chapter activity, such as setting passwords or registering for events. A member who changes his or her email address sees a prompt to send themselves a verification message.


After clicking Send Verification to (email address), the member sees a confirmation.

Verify Message

Will Members and Non-Members Know What to Do?

The majority of email addresses are organically, or automatically, verified.

In cases where members and non-members do receive a verification message, it will look similar to the image below. The example is from an email client which displays messages in plain text format. Other email clients may use different fonts for display.