Tips: Edit Templates

There are also "unique" templates that control certain aspects of your site. These are editable and not clone-able as there can only be one copy. An example is "Member Bio Profile" which controls the look of the member biography popup from the member directory. These can also be reset to their default state if you make a mistake when editing them.

Name and Description are used for identifying the template.

The template itself will be in the normal Wysiwyg Editor box.

There are "Update" and "Restore default" buttons. For standard templates like the chapter letterhead, you can restore the original that came with your StarChapter package by clicking on the "Restore default" button.

The right side of the template editor screen has a list of available Substitution Fields. This is a standard convention of StarChapter and will be seen in various places where information from your database can be merged into a text template.