StarChapter How Tos

How To articles offer solutions to common StarChapter user questions. Each article includes step-by-step processes, screenshots and other areas to reference within StarChapter.


Access Login Areas in StarChapter 
Add Google Analytics Code
Allow Dues Payment By Check or Cash
Change Main Contact Information 
Change Text on Login Screens
Close Out Member Receivables
Change the Primary Account Contact  
Disable Test Mode for Payment Processing
Enable Credit Card Bypassing   
Login to the Member and Admin Areas
Setup Low Inventory Notifications  
Transfer Your Domain for StarChapter to Manage   
Upgrade Your Account


Add Content to the Member Area Page 
Add a Favicon 
Add Images to the Home Page Slider
Add a Link to a Document
Add Links to Menus
Add Page Content 
Change the Blog Icon Width
Change the URL of a Published Page      
Change and Use Base Typography
Create a Search Box
Edit the Footer and Social Media Icons 
Edit Page Content
Edit Page Templates
Insert a Calendar Link to a Meeting Page
Post a Classified Ad 
Re-branding? Changing Your Logo
Remove Classified Ads From The Newsletter
Send Contact Us Form to Multiple People  
Upload a Video


Create a Forwarder
Change Contact Information 
Check Bounced Email
Initial Email Verification Process
Re-Verify an Email Address
Send a Meeting Announcement Only To Non-Registrants 
Send a Test Email or Preview an Email
Send the Member Welcome Email
Update the Organizational Email Address


Add a Calendar Link to a Meeting Page
Allow Members to Buy Multiple Member Tickets
Can Members Register Each Other?
Create a Save the Date Without Enabling Registration
Customize Meeting Invoices
Customize Meeting Receipts
Enable Credit Card Bypass    
Enter a Payment During Meeting Check-in
Manage CE Credits  
Manage a Wait List
Override Venue Website URL  
Prevent Duplicate Registrations
Print Badges 
Send a Meeting Reminder to Registrants
Setup a Golf Tournament or Multi-Seat Table
Stop Payment Receipts for Free Meetings  
Track Attendance


Add a Logout Button to the Member Area 
Complete a Mass Update
Enable Non-Member Logins
Import Member Expiration Dates
Setup Member Expiration Settings 
Update Board Member

Update Member Billing Information
Use Email or Unique Username for Member Login
Use Export Fields


Issue a Refund  
Sell Sponsorships at a Meeting Registration
Setup Low Inventory Notifications 
Setup Prepay Meetings for Members