StarChapter Board Transition Resources

Congratulations! As a new board member of your organization, you are now a leader within your industry. If you have never been a board member before, then there are resources available to help you get started with StarChapter.

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About StarChapter

StarChapter is a member-friendly association management software company serving chapters across the United States and Canada. We work directly with local chapter leaders, national associations, association management companies (AMCs), and other membership-based organizations.

StarChapter provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to oversee member management, event registration, email communication, and website content management. Unlike content-based sites, which could require development, plug-ins and external connections to other software services, StarChapter enables you to manage your chapter’s operations in one easy-to-use software.

StarChapter Support

Your StarChapter support includes technical email and phone support, group board trainings and access to documentation materials.

Technical Support

Please read the How Support Works at StarChapter to learn more about support services. StarChapter provides email and call-back support from 9am–5pm Eastern Time.

Board Trainings

The StarChapter service includes access to live board trainings, or webinars. These are 30-minute training sessions that include key information about how to use the StarChapter’s software to update website content, manage members, set up meetings, process orders, and more. The board training schedule is updated regularly, and we continually evolve our training resources.

Support Materials

StarChapter provides easy to use written documentation and video demonstrations with information about using StarChapter. The support materials are available 24/7 and can be accessed via

Primary Account Contact

The Primary Account Contact is the main contact between StarChapter and your organization. This board member or web administrator either signed up with StarChapter on behalf of your organization, or had the responsibility transferred to them during a board transition.

alt= Tip: Review How To: Change Your Primary Account Contact for information about changing login options for the Customer Account Portal.

The  manages the payment method and other obligations on behalf of the organization and StarChapter.

Here is access the Customer Account Portal. This is separate from the admin area of the StarChapter software. In this portal the Primary Account Contact can gain access to billing and payment information, purchase additional services, download important tax (W9) documents, and review the Terms and Conditions.

Locate the Primary Account Contact in the Admin Area

To locate the Primary Account Contact from within the Admin area, go to the Admin Home > Dashboard:

Primary Account Login via Dashboard

Next, scroll down to the StarChapter Account Login area. The Primary Account Contact Name, Email, Phone, and Customer Account Number are displayed in this box.

Change the Primary Account Contact

To change the primary account contact, the present account holder should login to the Customer Account Portal.

Customer Account Portal

After login, locate the Contact Information tab and change the Account Contact.

If the current primary account contact is unable or unwilling to do this, then please enter a support ticket through your Admin Area, or call 866-775-3205 x2. A support team member can provide a form to change the Customer Portal Login.  

Admin User Login Credentials

The Primary Account Contact or a full access Admin User can create user accounts and setup login credentials for new StarChapter service administrators.

Once you receive the credentials, then locate the Admin link at the bottom of your footer.

Admin Login Display on Front End

This leads to the admin area login screen:

Admin Login Area

Tip  Tip: If you forget your password, then select ‘Click here’ to retrieve your password.

Board Transition Tab in Admin Home

To access the Board Transition tab, go to Admin Home.

Board Transition Tab

Admin Users: Goes to General > Administration > Admin User Maintenance. Create new admin user accounts for the new administrators and remove retired admin users.

Email Forwarders: Goes to Communications > Settings > Forwarders. Update any email aliases here.

Contact Addresses: Directs to Communications > Settings > Contact Addresses. Use this area to update Default, Treasurer and Membership main contacts.

Primary Account Contact: Redirects to the Customer Account Portal login area to update the Primary Account Contact.

Board Group: Goes to Membership > Group Manager > Board of Directors. Update all the board positions by scrolling down to Assign Group Members, and then click edit. Review this How To article and video for more information.

Transition Date: Use this to set up or change the next board transition date.

Scheduled Email: Takes admins to Communications > Email Manager > Scheduled Emails. Review any existing scheduled emails, and make modifications as needed.

Stored Documents: Takes admins to Content > Media Manager > Documents. Upload Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and other documents in this area. All uploads generate a URL for the document.

Payment Processing: Provides the Treasurer with information about the payment gateway setup. Read more about compatible payment gateways.


It is a best practice to update the visual design on your website every 2-3 years. StarChapter offers redesign packages starting at $299. If you and your board want to update your design, then select a layout from the design showcase.

Once you select a design, then please login to your admin area and enter a support ticket for next steps.

End of Year Tasks

StarChapter provides a list of year end tasks to complete in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Congratulations on your new board position. We look forward to working with you!