How To: Send Out Welcome Email

StarChapter comes with two Member Welcome Email templates. They are:

  • The New Website Announcement Template : Send this email after your site goes live.

  • Member Renewal Notice Template: Use this template to send membership renewal reminders to members who are about to expire.

To review the template, you can go to Communications > Settings > Templates.

Quote Icon  Tip: that this template is for active members only. The template variables pull information from Membership > Member Manager.

Sending the New Website Announcement

To send the welcome email to members, follow these steps:

  • In the Admin area, go to Communications > Email Manager.

  • Hover over Send an Email and click Send Now.

  • Choose “Welcome Email” for the Type and “New Website Announcement” for the Template.

  • Make any edits to the email on the Content screen.

  • On the Attachments screen, click Next. Do not attach anything.

  • On the Recipients screen, click on the ‘All Members’ tab. Click the Add button next to ‘All Members’ to add all members to the recipient list. Click Next.

  • Send a test email to yourself to review the content in your email account.

  • After reviewing the email, click Send Now to send the mailing to all members.

Testing A Member Welcome Email

StarChapter recommends testing all emails before sending them to a larger audience. In order to do this, go to the Preview portion of the wizard and enter an email address. Click Send.

A Note About Variables

There are embedded variables in the template that correspond to various values including the member's first and last name ($$fname$$ and $$lname$$) and the chapter name ($$FULLCHAPTER$$).

Quote Icon  Tip: Try testing the member welcome template before changing any of the variables. Then change the variables after reviewing the test email.