Rebranding? How To: Change Your Logo

This article will guide you through updating your logo throughout StarChapter.  There are three areas to update with a logo change, and they are in the Design Editor, Email Settings and Meeting Settings.

Quote  Tip: If your chapter's name and domain name are changing as part of the rebranding process, then please contact StarChapter Support for further assistance.

update your Header Logo

  • Go to Content > Design Manager > Design Editor

  • Click to open the Published Layout

  • Locate and click to open Header > Logo Area in the left navigation screen

  • Click Change

  • Upload the new logo and click Insert

  • Click Save

  • Click Return to List

Update Your Email Header

  • Go to Communications > Settings > Templates

  • Click Replace Email Header Image

  • Click Choose File, select your new logo, and click Update. The logo must be in JPG format.

  • Your new logo will populate in all email template headers


Update Your Badge Templates

  • Go to Meetings > Settings > Categories and Templates > Badge Templates

  • Click Edit next to the first template

  • Click Change in the Image field and select your new logo

  • Click Save

  • Repeat these steps for each template