Membership: Corporate Member Manager


Corporate membership provides a way for one or more designated members to pay for other members' dues, register a number of other members at a given rate, and manage the information of other members that are part of their company or group.  They can also add or remove members for individuals who join or leave their company.  The managing member is referred to as the corporate administrator.  This document refers to a single corporate administrator, but a group can have multiple corporate administrators.  Most of these functions are set in Membership > Corporate Member Manager.  However, the corporate tickets are available under the Meeting Manager.  A site administrator (that is, an admin user) will need to set up the corporate memberships in the beginning.   

What Corporate Administrators See

Corporate Administrators will manage their memberships through the member area. Once logged in, a corporate administrator will see a link labeled "Corporate Member Manager" on the left side, in the Member Area menu. Dues rates and registrations purchased for the corporate group are associated with the administrator's member record.

Member List

This section lists all members who are part of this administrator's corporate membership and the number of spots available and remaining. If there are remaining spots in the membership, the corporate administrator may add more members. Corporate administrators may edit their members' profiles if this is allowed in the settings for that particular corporate membership. The corporate member must purchase a dues rate before they are able to add any corporate members to the group.  

Meeting Registration

This section lists any corporate tickets that the corporate administrator purchased for upcoming events.  These registrations may be edited after the fact to change the names of the registrants.  If the corporate administrator should be allowed to edit registrations that were not placed using corporate tickets, go to General > Configuration and search for CORP_ADMIN_NON_CORP_TIX. Set this to Yes.


A corporate administrator can allow their members to edit their own profiles, or not.


A corporate administrator can view the paid-through date for their corporate membership and renew here.  

Adding a Corporate Membership

Before You Begin

Go to Membership > Dues Manager and set up a new dues rate for corporate memberships. You'll choose this dues rate when setting up a corporate membership shortly.

General Info

Enter a name for your corporate membership, such as "Grunnings' Drills".  One corporate membership should be created per corporate member company.  Then choose your administrator from the drop-down list of members and click Add.  Only members can administer corporate groups.  Repeat this process for any additional corporate administrators.  The corporate administrator will have the power to add or remove members as described in the introduction.  They will do this through the member area.  Once logged in, a corporate administrator will see a link labeled "Corporate Member Manager" on the left side, in the Member Area menu. 


Dues Rate

Choose from dues rates set up in Membership > Dues Manager. Note that when someone adds a member to a corporate membership, he or she will take on the paid-through date of the corporate membership based on the dues rate that was purchased.  If members are added before the dues rate has been purchased, the paid-through date of the corporate members will display as N/A on the initial listing screen.

Membership Info

In Max Number of Members, enter the number of individuals who are allowed in this corporate membership.  Note that the corporate administrator is not necessarily one of these members.  The corporate membership may be set such that a primary member pays one dues rate, and secondary members get a different rate.  

The Include corporate members in front end directory? option controls whether corporate administrators show in the member directory available to from the front end of the site.  These members will be in the member manager on the admin side.  Note that this ties into the members' other settings.  In General > Site Configuration > Edit Configuration, a setting named EXCLUDE_BY_SUBGROUP controls what members are showing in the directory.  Members will either show by default (unless they are part of a group that is opted out) or they will be excluded by default (unless they are part of a group that is opted in).  So even though the corporate members may be set to show, individuals' groupings may have different directory settings.

The Allow admins to set permissions for member profile edits? option controls whether corporate administrators have the option to stop their members from editing their own profiles.

When a member is removed from a corporate membership, their profile can be kept in the member roster, moved to the non-member roster, or deleted from the system.  


This step is optional.  Click the button to add a member.  You may add an existing member from the member list or enter a new member.  Only a portion of the member profile fields if you are entering a new member.  The member's full profile is available through Member Manager. Once you add a member, an action button appears to e-mail the member their login information.  This uses a generic template for the member to set their password. Members' profiles can also be edited in this area, but for access to all fields in a member's profile, go to Member Manager.

All Done

This screen displays a summary of information.  Click Edit to go back to any section and make changes.

Corporate Membership Tickets

When adding a ticket to a meeting, the corporate ticket option appears.  A corporate ticket is available for purchase only by the corporate administrator and must be restricted to a selected corporate membership.