Building and retaining membership are core to the success of any chapter or association. The Membership area of StarChapter provides chapters to maintain member and non-member data. The membership Settings allows admin users to customize membership access and directory options.

Member Manager

Members are core to the functioning of your organization. StarChapter's Member Manager makes it easy to track member engagement and organize  It is possible to customize member data that relates directly to your chapter and to segment key data.

Non-Member Manager

Associations often have events and meetings that benefit professionals who are not part of the local chapter. In order to build membership, it is important to maintain prospects and engage contacts who can eventually become members or refer others.

Group Manager

The power of the Group Manager allows admin users to segment membership into dues and communication groups. The membership data ties in directly with meeting tickets, coupons, vouchers, email recipient lists and dynamic page content. This dynamic section allows for you to committee lists, organize membersip categories and setup your Board of Directors group.

Dues Manager

This section is for chapters that take dues locally. The Dues Manager allows you to setup dues, enter payments and view any orders. After publishing a dues rate, it is important to attach the due to a form via Content > Page Manager > Form Builder > Member Application

Corporate Member Manager

This section is for chapters that require a corporation or business entity to pay dues rates. It is important to maintain individual members via Membership > Member Manager, and then to assign the group members to the business setup via Corporate Member Manager.

Import Manager

The Import Manager allows admin users to upload .csv files to the Member Manager and Non-Member Manager sections. Chapters that download membership data from a national or international association should use this section on a monthly basis to update data. Any chapter can use this section to complete mass updates for group data.

Charts and Reports

Understanding current membership engagement helps chapters plan for the future. The charts tab allows admin users to see visual data about membership levels over time. Use the reports tab to track any group changes, print out mailing labels and track membership and non-member.


Membership Settings gives admin users the opportunity to customize settings for the member directory, expiration dates, login credentials and more. This section also provides advanced customization for the member field editor on the front-end and admin display settings for Member and Non-Member Manager.


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Corporate Memberships
Dues Manager

Group Manager
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Import Manager

Member and Non-Member Manager

Settings, Charts, and Reports
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Using Group Maps in the Import Manager 
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