Meetings: Coupons & Vouchers

Coupons and Vouchers provide opportunities to offer discounts for meeting tickets and catalog products.

Sections Used: Meeting Manager | Coupons | Vouchers

Coupons are available for members and non-members and provide a dollar discount for an order. Vouchers are for members only and provide free entrance into a meeting.

Tabs separate Coupons and Vouchers views.

Coupons and Vouchers Initial View

Initial Setup In Meeting Manager

In order for any coupon or voucher to work, check the setting 'Allow voucher/coupon redemptions?' in the Tickets & Prods section in Meetings > Meeting Manager.

Coupons and Vouchers - Set to Yes in Meeting Manager

For coupons, this setups up a box for users to enter a coupon code:

For vouchers, an option to apply a credit appears:

Filters for Both views

Coupons discount an order by a set dollar amount. They can be setup for both members and non-members.

Filters and Search

Coupons and Vouchers View

Hide Filter and Saved Filter: Hide filters to only show the list view. Save filters show options setup via 'Save this filter for reuse' checkbox.

Filter By: Status
This sorts coupons into:

  • Closed: These coupons are no longer usable.
  • Open: these coupons are still usable.
  • All: Shows all coupons.

Search: Searches by coupon or voucher name.


List View

Name: Shows the name of the coupon based on the filter, and sorts alphabetically.
Code: This shows the alphabetical listing of coupon codes. Distribute this coupon code for use.
Amount: Sorts the coupons by dollar amount.
Expires: This sorts coupons by the expiration date.
Total Quantity: This sorts the total number of times a coupon can be redeemed.
Remaining Coupons: Sorts by remaining number of times a coupon can be redeemed.

Adding a Coupon

Click the Add a Coupon button to add a new coupon. 


Coupons and Vouchers: Add General

Type: This designates this as a coupon, rather than a voucher.
Coupon Name: Setup the name of the coupon based on what and who the coupon applies to. This makes a coupon easy to find later.
Amount: Provides the dollar amount for the coupon.
Tax Exempt?: Exclude the amount of the coupon from the tax calculated on the order, if nexcessary.
Redemption Code: The person placing the order enters this code at checkout. Give this code to anyone who qualifies for the discount.
Quantity: This limits the number of available coupons. Keep this field blank for an unlimited quanity.

Redemption Limit per User: Use this to limit the number of times a user can use the coupon.

Quotes  Tip: The quantity setting is similar to printing a coupon in a limited number of copies of a newspaper circular. After the code has been used a certain number of times, it is deactivated and no longer valid.

Comments: Enter any comments to communicate to other admin users about the coupon. These are only visible in the back end.


Coupons and Vouchers Date Setup

Start Date: Determine when the coupon starts. 
Expiration Date: Note that a coupon set to expire on a certain day cannot be redeemed that day--that is, the expiration date must be at least the next day for the coupon to be used. 
Specific Meeting: Use this to limit a coupon to one specific meeting or for all meetings.

Click Next to proceed.


This section sets who can redeem a coupon.

Coupons Group Setup

Everyone : Sets no restrictions for the coupon usage.
All Members: Only logged in members can use the coupon.
All Guests: Only allows for non-members to use the coupon. Logged in members cannot access the coupon.
Member Group: The member categories are listed in the drop-down. Pick the category of members who should be able to redeem the coupon.

Only groups that have the Coupons/Vouchers function set to yes in Membership > Group Manager will appear as a selection in the drop down box.

Members Joined After:
Use this to target new members for a discount.
Individual Member: Use this to target an individual member for a discount.

Click Next to proceed.

Review and Create: Finalize the Coupon

This screen allows an admin user to check the details about the coupon before publishing.. Click any Edit button to change coupon details. Click Create to enable and save the coupon.

Create A Coupon

A confirmation appears, then the screen changes to the main coupon view.

Next Step: Distributing the Code

After creating a coupon, distribute the coupon code to users via email, or announce the coupon code at a meeitng.

Editing a Coupon

Click the name of a coupon to view the details. This provides information about individuals who redeemed the coupon as well as the order number and date of redemption. Click the Edit button on this screen. 

Edit Coupon

  Tip: If someone redeems an incorrect coupon, the best way to issue a refund is via the payment gateway. To update the order details, go to General > Order Manager, and search for the order number. Add an adjustment to the order to correct the order total. 


Vouchers provide free entry to a meeting for current members. Members need to login to access any voucher discounts.

  Tip: To setup a free entry to a meeting for a non-member, setup a coupon for the full dollar amount of the meeting for Guests only.

The Voucher View

Name: Create a name that is relevant to the individual pr group redeeming it. This makes a voucher easy filter via search.
Expires: This sorts the vouchers by date.
Credits: Sorts by the total number credits available for the voucher.
Remaining Credits: Sorts by the remaining number of redemptions available for a voucher.

This view will also show which meeting a voucher is valid for, and this displays in gray under the voucher name.

Adding a Voucher

Click Add a Voucher to begin the process. A voucher doesn't require a code to apply the discount. A member who logs in can purchase a meeting ticket. Upon checkout, a member chooses whether to apply a voucher or save them for future use.

Types and Dates

Type: By default, this indicates the type of discount.
Voucher Name: Enter a name to track the voucher in the admin area. Examples are the member's name or the 
Credits: Sets the amount of vouchers for redemption.
Comments: Enter a comment to give other admin users more information about the voucher. The comments are only accessible via the admin area.
Start Date: Determines the date when a voucher is available.
End Date: Indicates when a voucher expires.

Tip: A voucher set to expire on 04/09/20xx is not available for use on that date. If a member needs to use the voucher on 04/09/20xx, set the expiration date for 04/10/20xx.

Specific Meeting: Setting to --optional-- makes the voucher apply to all meetings. Selecting an option from the drop down means the voucher only applies to that meeting.

Click Next to proceed.


This sets who can redeem a voucher.

All Members
Member Category:
The member categories are listed in the drop-down. Pick the category to receive a voucher or vouchers.
Members Joined After: Use this to target new members for a discount.
Individual Member: Use this to target an individual member for a discount.

Review and Create: Finalize the Voucher

Review and Create a Voucher

Click Edit to make changes. To save the voucher, click Create. After clicking create, confirmation box appears

then the screen will change to the main coupon view.


Editing a Voucher

Click the name of a voucher to view the details. The details screen displays what members have been issued this voucher. Vouchers can be edited for individual members by clicking on the member's name. Use the checkboxes at left to delete multiple individual vouchers, or all instances of a voucher, at once.