How To: Use Export Fields

There are several areas within StarChapter to export and download member and non-member data. Some areas allow for you to customize the data export. The format for the data export is a comma separated value (.csv) spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Views

Allows users to customize data that exports into a .csv file.

Does not allow users to customize data that exports into a .csv file.

Areas that allow users to customize the data exports include:


Member Manager > Standard View
Non-Member Manager > Standard View
Group Manager

Charts & Reports
Reports > ID Cards
Reports > Mailing Labels


Charts & Reports
Reports > Meeting Attendance for Members
Reports > Meeting CE Credits
Reports > Meeting Registration Detail
Reports > Meeting Questions


Email Manager > Recipients tab

Using Export Fields

As an example, we will examine the Full Member Roster export via Membership > Member Manager on the Standard View tab. 

Click on the down arrow next to Spreadsheet. Click on 'Edit Spreadsheet Definition.'

Use the drop down box to add any field.

Every area with an export option has a predetermined set of data to work with. You will only be able to assign the data available in the drop down box.

  Tip: Custom fields setup via Meetings > Settings are available in the drop down box to export data. 

In this partial view, you see the first few fields that are defined by default. At the top of the screen you see a dropdown list containing all the available fields. In this case, you see all the fields in the member roster table.

The list of defined fields is drag sortable so if you hover your mouse over the field names, you will see your cursor change to a cross hatch indicating that they can be moved. Hold down the left button on your mouse and drag to move fields. Let go and the screen will refresh with the field in its new position.

To add a field, select it from the dropdown at the top of the screen and press "Add Field".

To remove a field from the list, click on the Delete button next to the field. Note that you can always add it back.

Certain CSV downloads are pre-defined with a fixed number of columns that you can add to. You cannot remove or sort the fixed list, however you can always rearrange columns once you have the file in your spreadsheet.