How To: Update Your Board of Directors Page

The board of directors page pulls information from multiple sections in StarChapter.

Sections Used: Page Templates | Group Manager | Member Manager | Member Information Editor

The Board Page Template

There is a template that handles the display of board member's information on the Board of Directors page.

Go to Content > Design Manager > Page Templates. Search for and click Board of Directors (View Templates) > Board Inner (Edit).

Board of Directors (View Template)  Board Inner

Do not edit the Board Outer template. This could potentially break the board page. 

The Board Inner template controls the display of board member information. The $$variable$$ pulls from data from Membership > Member Manager. Either drag and drop, or copy and page the variables to the board page. For example, $$email$$ will dynamically display the email address for every board member.

Green Star  Tip: The variables only show data if it is available in the member's profile in Member Manager. Otherwise, a blank space shows on the board page. The $$_IF ($$variable$$) $$variable$$ IF_$$ statements help to reduce blanks if the member data is not available.

Board Positions and Order In Group Manager

Board positions are managed through Membership > Group Manager > Board of Directors.

The All Done page displays first. The Subgroups box lists board position titles. To change the name of the positions, click the Edit button next to Subgroups.

Click a position's name to edit it, or click Add a Subgroup to add a new position. Click Sort Sub-groups to rearrange the display of these positions on the board page.

Green Star  Tip: A board title must be in both the Name and Description fields to display on the front-end.

To change which board members are assigned to which positions, edit the subgroup members.  This is the very last large box on the long summary page (visible by clicking Next from the subgroups page, or by clicking on the group name from Group Manager).

Board Member Data in Member Manager

Board Member inforamtion pulls from data in Membership > Member Manager. Information that is both in the template and in the board member's profile display on the Board of Directors page. If a board member does not have a phone number in the profile, then it does not show on the board page.  

  Tip: If a board member's information is outdated, their profile will need to be updated through Membership > Member Manager.

Hidden Data in Member Information Editor

Members may hide their profile information through the Member Information Editor page when they login via the Member Area Login.  It is not possible for an administrator to show information that a member chooses to hide.

Member Information Editor  



Update Board Members