How To: Turn on Non-Member Logins


StarChapter supports non-member login access.

Non-members with logins do not have access to any members-only pages designated as "Login Only" in Restrictions. In order to activate non-member logins, it is necessary to setup a non-member group via Membership > Group Manager.

Quote   Tip: Tickets can be restricted to non-members in a sub-group, but unless the user logs in before registration, there is no way to make a determination if he or she should receive these privileges.

To allow non-members to log in, go to Membership > Member Manager > Settings > Non-Members.  Check boxes appear to allow non-members to log in using their e-mail address or a unique username.  Either or both can be allowed, but at least one must be enabled for non-members to log in.

Updating the Front End Screens and Links

There is no manual update necessary for the registration screen.  On the first screen of registration, the login box will now have a selector for someone to choose if they are a member or non-member before entering their login credentials.  There are additional areas on the front end of interest to non-members, listed below.

Features for Logged-In Non-Members

Several pages are available for non-members.  You may wish to add links to these pages using Navigation Manager.

Non-Member Application: nonmember-application.php
This allows non-members to sign themselves up.

Non-Member Area: nonmembers.php
This is the non-member login screen.

Non-Member Information Editor: nonmem_info3.php
This is the profile screen and allows non-members to update their own information.

Additionally, with non-member groups it's possible to designate certain contents to be viewable and certain tickets/products to be purchaseable by logged-in non-members only.