How To: Setup Prepay Meetings For Members

Allowing members to prepay for events and meetings is manageable within StarChapter for Standard, Premiere, and Elite plans. This functionality requires using the Store area and Meetings > Coupons & Vouchers.

Step 1: Setup the Prepay Meeting Option in Store

Go to Store > Products. Setup a General product type, and check 'Show in Meeting Product List.'

Set the pricing and any necessary inventory accounts.

Green Star  Tip: Make sure to set the 'Retrict Purchase' option to All Members so guests and non-members do not see the option to purchase a members only benefit.

Step 2: Attach the Prepay Option to a Meeting

After setting up the product, go to Meetings > Meeting Manager. Locate the Catalogs and Products section within the meeting.

Add a Catalog Product to a Meeting

Use the Select Product drop down to select the item setup in Store > Products. To restict the puchase to logged in members, press Restrict Purchase. Then, select 'All Members'.

Add Details for Product Image


After this setup, the Product shows up during the meeting registration process.

Prepay Meetings Display on Front-End

Step 3: Distribute a Voucher to the Member

Once the member purchases the prepay meeting voucher, then they need to still register for the meeting. StarChapter recommends distributing a voucher to members who purchase the prepay meeting option.

Tip: Review the user guide for Coupons & Vouchers.

Enable Coupons & Vouchers for the Meeting

Allow Coupon & Voucher Redemptions Meetings > Meeting Manager

Setup the Voucher

Go to Meetings > Coupons & Vouchers to setup the new voucher. Add a New Voucher, and fill in the information on the Type and Dates screen.

Setup Voucher First Step

Then, setup the individual member on the Groups screen.

Setup An Individual Member Voucher

Press Create on the 'Review and Create' screen to generate the voucher.

Front End

When the individual member setup in the voucher area logs in and purchases future monthly meetings, the member can redeem the voucher.

Voucher Redemption