How To: Sell Sponsorships at Meeting Registration

This article is for selling sponsorships in association with a meeting that DO NOT include seats at the event.

Conferences and other multi-day events often have sponsors who cover some costs associated with the event. To sell the sponsorships during the meeting registration process, use the Store > Products section to setup the sponsorship pricing. Then, go to Meetings > Meeting Manager and add the sponsorships to a meeting.

  Tip: These steps do not apply to sponsorships that include seats at the event. If the sponsorship should include one or more seats at the event, simply add it as a different ticket on the meeting rather than a product.

Setup the Sponsorship in Products

  • Go to Store > Products 

  • Click Add a Product

  • For sponsorships, use the 'General Purpose' item type.

  • Enter a name of the sponsorship.

  • Select an image (optional), and enter a description.

  • Check the box next to "Show In Meeting Product List?" Click Next.

  • Enter the price, tax rate (optional), and inventory (optional).

  • Add questions to collect important information from sponsor

  • Click Next.

Attach the Sponsorship to a Meeting

  • Go to Meetings > Meeting Manager.

  • Click the name of the meeting. Scroll to Products. Click Edit.

  • Click to add a Catalog Product.

  • Select the product, click on the Publish check box, and click Add.

  • Meeting registrants can now add sponsorships to their cart during the meeting registration process.