How To: Member Expiry Settings

Member Expiry Settings control what happens to members within StarChapter when their membership expires.  There are various options depending upon the needs of your organization.

 Tip: Expired members move automatically to the Non-Member Manager and to Membership > Group Manager > Non-Member Categories in a subgroup 'Former Members.'

Go to Membership > Settings and verify that you are on the Members tab. Find the Member Expiry Settings box.

Upon Expiration

This is the first step to setting up expiration settings for users.

Do Nothing: Expired members will remain in Member Manager with full member benefits throughout StarChapter.

Allow Grace Period: Expired members will remain in Member Manager for the time designated in Grace Period Timeframe.

Move to Non-Members Immediately: Expired Members will be moved to the Non-Member Manager on the day that they expire.

Do Nothing or Move to Non-Member Immediately

For either option, click save. There is no further action required.

Allow Grace Period Considerations

Grace Period Timeframe

Selecting Allow Grace Period automatically displays the Grace Period Timeframe field. This shows a drop down Grace Period Timeframe with expiration date options. 

If Other was selected for Grace Period Timeframe, enter the Number Of Days For Grace Period

Expired Member Login Permissions

Choose your preferred setting for Expired Members Login Permissions

None: Expired members will not retain any login privileges within StarChapter

Login to Dues Payment Screen Only: Expired members will retain login privileges but will be directed immediately to the dues payment screen and restricted from all other member-only content

Full Member Area Login: Expired members will retain full access to member-only content within StarChapter

After Grace Period

Choose if the member stays in Membership > Member Manager or Non-Member Manager after the grace period.

Keep Member in Roster as Expired Member: Expired members will remain in Member Manager with the permission set in Expired Members Login Permissions

Move to Non-Members: Expired members will be moved to the Non-Member Manager after the Grace Period Timeframe has ended

Click Save to update the member expiry settings.