How To: Manage CE Credits

StarChapter provides a way to manage and track continuing education (CE Credits) in Meetings > Meeting Manager through member tickets for meetings and events. 

Enable CE Credits

In order to enable CE Credits, go to the Tickets & Products portion of the wizard. Under Registration Details, check the box next to 'Allow CE Credits?.' Then, press Save at the bottom of the page.

CE Credits

Add CE Credits To A Ticket

After enabling and saving CE credits, go back to the Tickets & Products screen. On the All Done portion of the wizard, press 'Edit' next to Tickets.

Then, click on any ticket. 

CE Credits

On the next screen, locate the CE Credits field. Enter the number of CE Credits, and then save the ticket.


Once members and guests purchase tickets for CE Credits, then the data transmits to Meetings > Charts & Reports > Reports > Meeting CE Credits.

Charts & Reports 1

A list then displays all CE Credits. Use the spreadsheet button to download a list of names with CE Credits.