How To: Manage A Wait List

StarChapter allows a wait list option for meetings and events. Lean more about managing the wait list settings and access the reporting within the Meetings area.

Initial Setup

To setup for an existing meeting, go to Meetings > Meeting Manager. Click on any meeting. On the 'All Done' portion of the wizard, scroll down to Registration Details. Press 'Edit.'

Registration Details

Locate the Max Attendance field and enter the attendance cap. Press Save underneath Catalog Products.

Max Attendance

Wait List Registration for Members and Non-Members

Registration closes once the Max Attendance number is greater than the field entry. When meeting registrants attempt to purchase tickets on the front end, they see this message:

Waiting List Front End

Once a visitor signs up via the 'Name' and 'Email' fields, then an onscreen message appears.

Wait List Message

To change this message, go to Meetings > Settings > Messages and Forms. Locate the field ' Thank you message displayed for signing up for the waiting list:' to update the text. 

Managing the Wait List

Anyone who signs up on the waiting list populates into the Meeting Waiting List report. This is available via Meetings > Charts & Reports > Reports > Meeting Waiting List.

Meeting Wait List Report

To access the waiting list for a specific  meeting, type the meeting name in 'Select a Meeting' and press 'Refresh.'

Monthly Meeting Refresh

This displays a list of meeting registrants on the wait list. The display is in chronological order, and the first wait list meeting registrant shows at the top.

There is also an option to 'Print' the waiting list.

Notifying Registrants About An Opening

Additional Space Becomes Available

If additional venue space becomes available, then increase the Max Attendance field in Meeting Manager. Email the first person on the Meeting Waiting List report and send the meeting registration link. Ask the meeting registrant on the wait list to complete the full process on the front end.

  Tip: Alternately, go to Meetings > Meeting Manager > press Registration next to the meeting. Press 'Add a Registration' and enter a registration on behalf of the meeting registrant. This allows the meeting registrant to pay by cash or check at the meeting.

A Current Registrant Cancels a Registration

If a current registrant cancels a registration, then go to Meetings > Meeting Manager > press Registration next to a meeting.

Cancelling a meeting registration does not automatically issue a refund. Make sure to go to General > Orders > Order Manager and add an adjustment for any refunds. Contact the payment gateway setup in Admin Home > Quick Start > Payment Processing to issue a refund for credit card payments.


This opens the amount of registration spots available in the cancelled order. Email the first person on the Meeting Waiting List report and send the meeting registration link. This person can then complete the registration process.

  Tip: Make sure to set a time limit for the person on the wait list to register. Another registrant could take the open spot if the person on the wait list does not complete the process in a timely manner.