How To: Issue a Refund

This article covers the process of logging a refund within StarChapter so that payment records are accurate. Actually returning the funds must be done through the payment gateway, and cannot be done through StarChapter's admin area. Updates must be made in both areas to ensure accurate records.

Locate the payment gateway for your organization in the admin area via Admin Home > Quick Start > Payment Processing. This video also provides more information about payment gateway settings.

Step 1 - Add a Credit to the Order

  • Go to General > Order Manager

  • Search for the order requiring a refund

  • Click the Order # to open the record

  • Click Add an Adjustment

  • Set the Adjustment Type to Credit and leave a Note with the reason for the refund for future records. If the refund has already been issued through the payment gateway, enter those details here. For example, "Event canceled due to inclement weather. Refunded through on 9/09/16 by Angie Applebaum." Note that these comments are visible to purchasers.

  • Click Next

  • Enter the amount of the refund

  • Click Next

Step 2 - Close the Remaining Balance

  • Click Add an Adjustment, again

  • Set the Adjustment Type to Close Remaining Balance

  • Click Next

  • Click OK to confirm and close the order