How To: Import Member Expiration Dates

StarChapter uses the member expiration date to determine login settings and communication recipients. Find your member expiration data in Membership > Member Manager.

If member expiration dates do not display correctly in Member Manager, then there may be a problem with the import settings in Membership > Import Manager.

Follow these steps to update your "Exp. Member" column:

  • Save your most up-to-date member roster as a comma separated value (CSV) spreadsheet.

  • Go to Membership > Import Manager.

  • Click Import Data.

  • In the Database and File section, choose the Member database. Then attach the spreadsheet.

  • Click Next.

  • The import map from your previous import should pre-populate. Leave this as it is, and click Next.

  • On the Confirm Fields & Import page, find the column "Database Field" and look for "Date paid through".

  • Make sure to check the box next to the field name.

  • Select the drop-down under "Column Name" to correspond with the expiration date column of your spreadsheet.

  • Click Next.

  • On the Preview page, review the numbers for updates, moves to Non-Member, New Records and Unchanged Records. If the numbers are correct, then Click Next.

  • Click OK to complete the import. Return to the Preview screen by clicking Cancel.

  • Go to Membership > Member Manager and check the "Exp. Date" fields for accuracy.