How To: Generate a Golf or Special Event

Meeting Settings | Meeting ManagerSponsorship Setup | Managing Registrations | Printing Badges

Spring, Summer, and Fall are ideal times to setup a golf outing or other social events. StarChapter provides tools to setup events that require group registrations and sponsorships.

Here is a listing of areas within the software to setup and implement for a golf outing or similar event.

Meeting Settings

Prior to entering an event, StarChapter recommends using the meeting settings to ensure a smooth registration and event management process.

Meeting Permissions

There are some key meeting settings to double check prior to setting an event live. Go to Meetings > Settings > Permissions to review this information.

  • Can members purchase multiple tickets? If so, then disable Prevent Duplicate Member Registrations.

  • Do you want to add guests to the Non-Member mailing list? Then disable the Add Guest Registrations To The Non-Member List.

  • If your meeting allows for group registrations, then should all group members receive a receipt? Then enable the Send Registrant Email to Each Ticket Holder.

Meeting Manager

This is the area to setup tickets, add questions to a ticket, enable coupon settings, and setup the meeting description to display on the front-end.

  Tip: The Meeting Manager User Guide goes over the basics of setting up a meeting.

Multi-Seat Tickets

Conferences and golf events may require multi-seat tickets, or bulk tickets. Set this up in StarChapter inside the meeting on the Tickets & Products page.

Add Questions to A Ticket

Major events often require collecting extra information from registrants. The best way to accomplish this within StarChapter is by adding questions to each ticket.

  Tip: After a registrant answers a question, the information migrates to a report in Meetings > Charts & Reports > Reports > Meeting Registration Detail

Sponsorship Setup

Golf events often have accompanying sponsors. Sponsorships can increase revenue for an event. The setup options include setting up sponsorships during the meeting registration process and creating a separate landing page for events sponsors.  This video outlines features in the Store > Products and Catalog areas.

Managing Registrations

After people register for an event, the registrations show in Meetings > Meeting Manager.

To get a comprehensive list of meeting registrants, go to Meetings > Meeting Manager. Hover over Reports, then click Meeting Registration Detail.

This leads to the Meeting Registration Detail screen.

Meeting Registration Detail

  Tip: The meeting registration list is also available in Meetings > Charts & Reports > Reports > Meeting Registration Detail.

Printing Badges

Next to the event in Meeting Manager, locate the Actions column. Click on the Badges option to access the badge templates and lists.

Tip: Make sure to review the How To: Print Badges article. To access the underlying badge template settings, go to Meetings > Settings > Categories and Templates, and then edit the Badges area.