How To: Enter a Payment During Meeting Check-In

During meeting check-in, members may want to pay by check, cash, credit card. StarChapter suggests using a laptop or tablet during the check-in process to enter new registrations and payments for existing registrations.

  • Go to Meetings > Meeting Manager

  • Click Registration for the current meeting

  • Search for the name of the person who wants to check-in to the event.

  • Verify that the attendance notation is on Attended. If it says Did Not Show, click that text to toggle it to Attended.

    Tip: Depending on the frequency of "No Shows," the default setting can be Attended or Did Not Show by going to Meetings > Settings > Permissions and configuring the setting Default Registrations To 'No-Show'?

  • Click Payment

  • Select the Payment Method from the drop-down menu

  • Enter the Amount to Pay and all other fields prompted for the Payment Method

  • Click Save