How To: Edit Page Content

Edit Page Content

  • Go to Content > Page Content and search for the name of the page you are editing.

  • Click on the Content & Layout button to the right of that page.

  • On the Content & Layout screen, you'll see a view of the columns and gray bars representing the sections of the page. Each bar is labeled and anything specific to that page will have an Edit link on the right side.

  • Find the section containing the material you'd like to edit, and click Edit. The next screen allows users to make any changes.

  Tip: If there is code with $$ signs, then this means the content is dynamic and pulls from another area of StarChapter. Use the name of the content section as a clue to figure out where to edit content in StarChapter.

  • To preview the content before publishing, click the Save or Add button.

  • If the content is ready to go live, then click Publish.