How To: Create Free Tickets for Board Members

If Board Members regularly receive free meeting tickets, this method provides an easy way to provide that benefit. If the free ticket is a one-time benefit, it is more efficient to create a voucher for that member.

Create a Group

  • Go to Membership > Group Manager

  • Click Add a Group

  • Name your group something like "Ticket Pricing"

  • Click Next

  • Enable Ticket & Product Selection

  • Click Next 2 times to reach the Subgroups screen

  • Click Add a Subgroup

  • Name your subgroup something like "Board Tickets"

  • Click Add

  • Click Next

  • Assign your board members to the Board Tickets subgroup

  • Click Next to reach the All Done! screen

Create the Ticket

  • Go to Meetings > Meeting Manager

  • Open the Meeting that requires a free board ticket

    Tip: If this is a recurring meeting, create this ticket in the Meeting Template (Meetings > Settings > Categories & Templates > Meeting Templates)

  • Click Edit in the Tickets box

  • Click Add a Ticket

  • Set Ticket Type > Member Ticket, Price > $0, and name the ticket something descriptive like "Board Ticket"

  • Click Restrict Purchase

  • Select your Board Tickets subgroup

  • Click Add

  • Publish your ticket