How To: Close Out Member Receivables

Close Out Member Receivables

There is a report in the admin area under Membership Charts and Reports called Receivables that will show you all outstanding receivables from your members. These are usually due to registrations that bypassed the credit card process. Normally you would close these out using the Meeting Registration area for each meeting. Sometimes you may have situations where you need to write off these receivables as uncollectible. To do this from the member receivables list, do the following:

  • List the receivables - Go to the Member Receivables list and view the existing receivables.

  • View each member's receivable list - Click on a member's name. This will show you their list of unpaid orders.

  • Edit an order - Click on the order number to view the details and date. "Edit" button and you will proceed to the order details screen (also available through Order Manager with the order in question pulled up.

  • Close the transaction - Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click the Add an Adjustment button to make changes. Select Close Remaining Balance for the adjustment type. Then click the next buttons to proceed with applying the change.

  • Return to the receivables list and repeat for additional balances.

In addition to the admin area options for closing receivables, members can log into the member area and use "View My Order History" (if applicable). This will show their order history. If they have a current unpaid balance, a button will appear labeled "Pay my balance". (This button will not appear if your site does not have an active payment gateway). If a member chooses to pay their balance, they will be given the opportunity to pay a partial amount. Once they have paid, their open registrations will be closed. If they choose to pay a partial amount, the payment will be applied to the oldest order(s) first. The payments will be booked with the description "CC consolidation" and will be counted as credit card payments in your meeting registration reports.