How To: Check Bounced Email

An email "bounce" occurs when a mail server rejects incoming mail from your organization. In order to maintain a good email reputation and minimize bounces, clean up email lists regularly.

Refer to Communications > Charts and Reports > Bounce Checker and note email addresses that are bouncing your messages.  After multiple soft bounces or 1 hard fail, an email address will be removed from your email list to protect the email reputation of your organization and avoid further bounces.

  Tip: A hard fail occurs when an email address is not valid. A soft bounce means the email is valid, but could not be delivered to the recipient.

Future bounces can be avoided by white listing your organization with the email provider. White listing is a way to "tell" mail servers that correspondance from your organization is safe and desired.  

If an email address has been removed from your mailing list due to a hard fail or excessive bounces, please follow the white list instructions, and then reach out to StarChapter support.  A StarChapter Support Specialist will take steps to return that address to your mailing list.