How To: Automate Renewal Notices

Automated renewal notices should only be used by organizations that collect local dues.  

  • Go to Communications > Email Manager

  • Hover over Send an Email and select Schedule for Later

  • Name the email and select Mailing Type > Expiring Members and Template > Member Renewal Notice

  • Click Next

  • Set Frequency > Monthly and End Date > No End Date

  • Click Next

  • Confirm that the Reply To Email is set to use an email that ends in your domain

    Tip: Using a Reply To Email that does not match the source of the email (your StarChapter system at your domain) will many of your mailings to be filtered out by spam filters.

  • Click Next 2 times

  • Use the Expiring Members filter and add the expiration groups that should be included in the mailing. Recipients will be determined at the time of the mailing rather than the time the message is scheduled. Adding all options will result in 4+ reminders being sent depending on the Member Expiry Settings (Membership > Settings)

  • Click Next

  • Click Finish