How To: Add an Email to a Mailing List

If a non-member wants to join the mailing list and receive chapter upates, then follow these steps to add them to the general non-member mailing list.

  • Go to Membership > Non-Member Manager

  • Click Add a Non-Member

  • Complete the form as appropriate

    Tip: The only required fields are First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

  • Enable Mass Mailing? to subscribe this email address by checking the box

  • Click Next 2 times

Add to a Specific Mailing List

The steps above add people to the general non-member mailing list. If a non-member belongs to a segmented email list, then follow these additional steps.

  • On the Groups portion of the wizard in Non-Member Manager, assign any relevant groups. The Group Manager area controls mailing lists.

  • Click Next

  • Verify the Email Address. Note, mass mailing campaings via Communications > Email Manager do not include any unverified email addresses.