How To: Add Links to Menus

Add Links to Menus

Go to Content > Page Manager > Navigation Manager to make any changes to the navigation. Locate the menu to change, and click the 'Add Links' button.

Add Links

  • To add new top-level links, click the Add a Link button at the top of the screen.

Add Top Level Link

  • For drop-down links, find the existing top link and click on the Add Sub-Links button to the right of it.

  • Choose whether the link is an internal or external link.


Internal links are created and managed in Content > Page Manager > Page Content. Any external link is managed and accessible outside of your domain.

  • If this is an internal link, type in the Page Name. The page name populates in the field, and select the appropriate page name.

  • If this is an external link, paste the URL into the URL field and enter a neater display name such as "Visit Our Sponsor".

  Tip: Make sure to have external links open in a new window or tab. This means the user stays on your website and accesses the external link in a new tab.

  • Save your new link.

  • If you need to sort or rearrange your links, then click on the Sort Links button. This is below all the link names. Drag and drop the links in any order and click Save.

  • Click Next to finish and save.