How To: Add Content to the Member Area Page

The Member Area page contains both public content and private content that only members can access. This article outlines how to update content for both instances.

Public Content

The public facing member area login screens is available on the header or the home page.


To add content that is viewable by everyone, go to Content > Page Manager > Page Content > Member Area.

Members Only Content

Once members login into StarChapter, they arrive at the Member Area page. Only logged in members can see this page.

Members Only Content

To restrict content for logged in members only, make sure to add it via the content section within the Member Area, and not at the page level. Adding the restriction at the page level means the Member Login box is only accessible for logged in members.

Content Restrictions

Add and Save the visbility restrictions.

Visibility Restriction

Save the content section.

Save the content section

Preview the content and make any changes, then publish the page. After publishing the page, go back to Member Area Login page. Non-members do not see any of the restricted content. A member who logs in sees the content.

Final Screen