Frequently Asked Questions

StarChapter's support experts are here to answer any questions you have about using the software. These are frequent questions the support team receives about using the software.

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I am/A Member is having trouble logging into starChapter

Here are some items to consider if someone cannot login. This article covers the different login areas available within StarChapter.

Member Login

  • Are they a current member in Membership > Member Manager? If so, then do they have the Expired Member text underneath their name?

  Tip: Expired members cannot login into the system. Members who are expired within the grace period can login. Access the expiration settings via Membership > Settings > Members > Member Expiry Settings.

  • What is the user trying to use as the username? Make sure the username is a login option available via Membership > Settings > Members > Login Options.

  • Has the member attempted to reset their password?


Admin User Login

  • The first step is to attempt to reset the password.

  • If this option does not work, then the next step is to reach out to the President, chapter administrator, or anyone who has full admin access to StarChapter. They have the capability to reset the password.

Tip: Admin users login to make changes to your website, add meeting, send email, and access the membership database, login via the admin area. StarChapter also recommends reviewing best practices for setting up and maintaining admin user logins.

I need to Change our Organization's Billing Information in StarChapter

  • To access billing and your payment options with StarChapter, the Primary Account Contact can login to the Customer Account Portal. To identify the Primary Account Contact, login to the admin area and go to Admin Home > Dashboard. The Primary Account Contact information is here. To change the Primary Account Contact, login to Customer Account Portal to designate a new contact, or complete this form and return it to StarChapter Support.

How would I go about issuing a refund? Where can I access my payment gateway information?

StarChapter provides all organizations with an opportunity to collect payments. The payment gateway charges the credit card, and then sends the order information back to StarChapter.

With this in mind, the first step to issuing a refund is to contact your payment gateway provider. Locate your payment gateway provider in Admin Home > Quick Start > Payment Processing in the admin area, or by watching this video.

After you issue the refund with the payment gateway provider, go to General > Order Manager in StarChapter. Locate and click on the order number. Then, click Add an Adjustment.

Add a credit to the order first, and then add another adjustment to close the remaining balance.

How can I add my address to my invoice email template?

Go to General > Configuration and search for and click on 'Invoice Text'. This updates any $$INVOICE_TEXT$$ variables in invoice templates available in Communications > Settings > Templates.

  Tip: Please enter a support ticket to have a remittance address added to the dues invoice email template.

Why do some of my pages have .starchapter in the URL?

StarChapter's has a number of secure pages that meet PCI Compliance and allow for member logins. Your domain with StarChapter's hosting does include Any page that does not require a secure login or payment can display the vanity domain with the http:.// protocol. Anything with an https:// protocol will need to show the to keep the page secure.


Is it possible to update the slider images on the home page?

It is possible to do this in Content > Media Manager > Photo Gallery. In most cases, the gallery name for the home page images is Home Page Slider.

Recommended Image Sizes

The recommended dimensions for slider images on layouts #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #8, and #10 are 960px wide by 300px high.

Layout #7 requires a 1030px width and 328px height. Layout #9 requires slider dimensions of 700px high by 300px wide.

i Would like to upgrade my design. Where do I start?

Organizations with Content > Design Manager > Design Editor can update their design based on any of the layouts on the showcase page.

If Content > Design Manager > Design is available, then the upgrade to a Design Manager layout ranges from $299-$499. Please reach out to StarChapter Support for additional information.

Can I add buttons/Social media to my header or Footer?

At this time, only Layout #7 allows for social media buttons on the header. StarChapter recommends including any social media in the body content or in the footer.

How do I get a single space in the text editor?

Add a single space by pressing Shift + Enter concurrently on your keyboard.

I can't access copy, cut, and paste options with my mouse. What can I do to change that?

StarChapter recommends using keyboard shortcuts or the copy, cut, and paste icons in the text editor to accomplish this task. The keyboard shortcuts are:

Copy: Ctrl + C
Cut: Ctrl + X
Paste: Ctrl + Y

How Do I Update the Board of Directors Page?

The dynamic Board of Directors page exists at Content > Page Manager > Page Content > Board of Directors. Dynamic pages pull from other areas of StarChapter. This means updates to the board page happen in other areas of StarChapter.

  • To update the person under a board role, go to Membership > Group Manager > Board of Directors to assign new members. Review the video Updating Your Board of Directors for more information.

  • To change any board photos, do that within each member profile in Membership > Member Manager.

  • Sometimes altering the structure of the board page is necessary. For example, some organizations want to remove the contact addresses for all board members. Complete this type of change in Content > Design Manager > Page Templates > Board of Directors > Board Inner.


What is Email Verification?

StarChapter utilizes email verification to prove that an email address is valid and working. Bad email addresses damage your domain's reputation, and this is StarChapter's way of assisting you with a high reliability score. Learn more about email verification tools and functionality.

How Do I Setup A Mailing List?

To setup mailings lists for email campaigns, go to Membership > Group Manager. StarChapter's mailing lists pull data from the Member Manager and Non-Member Manager databases.

  Tip: Members can only go into member groups, and non-members into non-member groups. If there is a mailing that needs to go to both members and non-members, then generate two separate groups.

How Do I change the Reply To address for Email?

There are two ways to go about changing the reply-to email address for mass mailings in Communications > Email Manager. The first is within the individual email, and the second is a global setting that changes the reply-to for all mass mailings.

Individual Mailings

Go to Communications > Email Manager, and go to any email by pressing Continue or Resend under Actions.

On the Content portion of the wizard, change the Reply To Email.

All Mailings

The reply-to field in each emailing defaults to the contact in Communications > Settings > Contact Addresses > Default Contact.

How Do I change the Reply To address for Receipts and Invoices?

The Treasurer contact in Communications > Settings > Contact Addresses. The Treasurer contact is the default address for all transactional receipt and invoice emails.


How do I print badges for a meeting?

Go to Meetings > Meeting Manager. Locate the meeting, and then look under the Actions column. Click the Badges button.

The templates for the badges are at Meetings > Settings > Categories & Templates > Badges. This article also reviews printing badges.

How do I Access a Registration Report?

The quickest way to access a registration report is via Meetings > Charts & Reports > Reports > Meeting Registration Detail.

My Coupons and Vouchers Do Not Showing during the Checkout Process.

In order for the coupon code box to show, the setting in Meetings > Meeting Manager needs to display. The Coupons & Vouchers user guide provides a full review of the setup. 

My meetings are not showing up on a page

In most cases, this happens because there is a Meeting List Module content section that pulls meeting data from Meetings > Meeting Manager.

If the meeting does not show on the dynamic Meetings & Events page, then make sure to Publish the meeting.

Some pages have a Meeting List Module content section on the home page. In Meetings > Meeting Manager, make sure Show in meeting list modules? is set to Yes. This is what displays the meeting within the module.



I Need To prepare for a renewal drive

Review the documentation about renewing your members. This article is relevant for organizations and chapters that take dues locally.

Organizations that take dues from a parent organization should defer to the national or global organization for renewals. Review the article about using StarChapter to import and manage lists that come from a national or global organization.

Why Did my Most recent import fail to update fields? 

In order for a field to fully update after an import, it is important to double check the Confirm Fields & Import portion of the wizard.

In order for information to import, there must be a check in the box. In addition, the column name drop down must be set to one of the columns setup in the Database & Fields portion of the wizard. Review the Import Manager video to understand the entire import process.

Tip: The Member ID row during the import process is required. Make sure the Member ID rows in the spreadsheet attachment matches the one in Membership > Member Manager.