Tips: Entering a Support Ticket

Submit a support ticket to directly access a StarChapter Specialist who can answer questions about using the software. Follow these guidelines to help our team address questions promptly.

  Tip: Read How Support Works at StarChapter as a companion to this article.

Entering a Ticket

To enter a ticket, login to the admin area and go to General > Support.

If there are multiple issues to address, and the topics are not related, then it is best to enter separate tickets for each issue. This ensures StarChapter Support can quickly and efficiently resolve simple and complex questions.

Ticket Templates

Include key information to make a ticket easy to read and troubleshoot. This ensures a faster response.  

The following ticket templates includes useful information for a Support Specialist.

Template One

“I’m having trouble with [PROBLEM AREA]. I would like this to [YOUR GOAL]. In addition, [RELATED INFORMATION].  I have attached [FILES].Reach me via [PREFERRED CONTACT METHOD] at [PREFERRED CONTACT TIMES]."

Tip: When entering a specific time, please allow at least four business hours so the support team can assure availability.

Template Two

Issue Description:
Related Information:
Preferred Contact Method and Times:

Related information to include in an issue description

Key information enables the Support Specialist to quickly research an issue and come to a resolution. Please include:

  • What the problem is, including how the system is behaving currently, and what it should be doing instead.

  • Who experienced the issue. Please indicate if a particular admin, member, or non-member contact experienced the problem. Include this for login, registration, or permissions problems.  For login problems, include the URL where the user is attempting to login.

  • Where the problem appears. Include the URL of the page.  If the problem appears in the admin area, provide the name of the screen, such as Classified Ads or Page Content.

  • When the problem happened. Indicate if it relates to an order or email, or is intermittent.  If the issue relates to meeting registration, then include the meeting date.

  • Identify the browser. If uncertain, use  

  • Specify any attempts to resolve the issue.

  • For a feature request, include information about why the feature is useful to the organization.  Sometimes this is obvious and can be omitted. In other cases, the organization’s business requirements will give StarChapter a full picture of the request. StarChapter can use this information to provide an alternate solution.

  • For any receipt, invoice, or payment gateway questions, include the order number and the purchaser’s name.

  • Screenshots assist Support Specialists to quickly identify any underlying issues.

Responding to a Ticket

StarChapter sends responses to the email address associated with the ticket.  

The easiest way to update a ticket is to reply to the latest message. Keep the ticket number in the subject line in the response.

Ticket Types

When entering a ticket, use one of the identifiers below to categorize a ticket.

Defect/Bug: This means functionality within the software is not working as you would expect. With this ticket type, submit any supporting screenshots, member/non-member names, and the area of StarChapter where you encounter the issue.

Data Issue: Data issues include membership import errors, page template needs, discrepancies in meeting registrations, and any question about how to best manage information in StarChapter.

For this ticket type, include details about the desired data correction, and then any screenshots or URLs.

Enhancement Request: An enhancement request means asking StarChapter to add functionality that currently does not exist in the software. When submitting an enhancement request, please include a short description about why the functionality would benefit chapter operations.

Implementation Project: If a project is currently in implementation, then it is best to work with your Project Manager for any questions rather than entering a ticket. If you called for a project manager, though, your ticket may be entered in this category.

Knowledgebase/User Guide Issue: Select this option to provide feedback about self-help and knowledgebase materials. These materials are available at

Training Request: Use this option to schedule a training for an area or business case not covered in the recorded tutorials at or board trainings at StarChapter recommends reviewing these trainings prior to requesting chapter specific sessions.

PCI/Audit Request: Payment gateway services often require a PCI scan to prove compliance with security protocols for credit card payments.  Use this ticket type to request a scan.  Click here to learn more about PCI compliance and the accredited scanning vendor used by StarChapter.  There is no additional charge for this service.

Content Removal Request: This is used by StarChapter internally to notify chapter administrators of copyright infringement complaints.

Work Order: There are two different kinds of work order requests. One includes a redesign at either $299 or $499. To learn more about a redesign, enter a ticket with this category and request more information. Redesigns include an upgrade to one of the layouts available at

The other type of work order request is for a data issue, in-depth training, or content tasks. A work order is $120 for the first hour, and $80 for subsequent hours. Before providing a work order, a Support Specialist needs to scope the time for the services.

Information/Question: If the self-help and reference materials do not provide the appropriate answers to a question, then use this option to categorize the ticket. Make sure to include information about the desired end goal in the ticket. A Support Specialist will then respond with information about completing the action or enter an enhancement request.

Ticket Section

This identifies the section in StarChapter the ticket pertains to. The drop downs correspond to the menu items within the admin area. Make sure to categorize the ticket with the correct section.

Ticket Priority

Low: The service request does not inhibit everyday operations of the chapter, but is something that enhances chapter operations in the long-term.

Medium: The issue requires a timely resolution and impedes chapter operations within a certain area of StarChapter.

High: If the issue is not addressed as soon as possible, then chapter operations may suffer and negatively impact the financial health of the organization.

Service Outage: Use this option if the website service is down or inaccessible.