StarChapter's Communications area allows admin users to send email, setup surveys, access charts and reports about email campaigns and control key settings.

Email Manager

This section provides opportunities to send targeted email communication to members and non-members. The Email Manager is dynamic and pulls email recipient information from the membership and meeting areas of StarChapter. For certain plans, members can schedule emails in advance.

Email Verification

Use Email Verification to ensure that members’ and non-members’ email addresses are valid and can receive mail. StarChapter only includes verified email addresses when administrators send mass mailings.

Survey Manager

Use this section to send out surveys to members and non-members. Popular survey topics include measuring board effectiveness, meeting feedback and detemining committee needs.

Charts and Reports

Review mailing summaries, check email delivery rates and review bounces from email campaigns in this section.


The Settings area allows admin users to setup general email settings, access saved email lists, add survey questions and to update contact addresses. Admin users can also setup email templates and change the email headers. Chapters that use StarChapter hosting for email can setup aliases/forwarders within this section.

  Tip: If you want designated inboxes that reflect your domain, then you will need to work with StarChapter Support to setup a third-party email provider. Once you setup your third party email provider, then send the MX Records and other key email server information to StarChapter Support.


Communications Settings
Sending an E-mail
Testing Email
Survey Manager
Saved Survey Manager