How To: Allow Dues Payment by Check or Cash

Sections Used: Order Manager, Meeting Manager, Meeting Settings

To allow new or renewing members to pay their dues by mailing a check, please follow these steps. 

Tip: It is not currently possible to skip the credit card form for both membership dues and for meeting registration. The Bypass settings must apply to meeting registration before it is available to apply for dues payment.

Meetings Settings

  • Go to Meetings > Settings > Payments.

  • Check the box next to "Allow Users To Pay By Check Or Cash (Credit Card Bypass)?".

  • Customize the bypass message immediately below. This will appear for meeting registrations as well as dues payment, so make sure it is general enough to apply in both places.

  • Click Save.

Configuration Settings

  • Go to General > Configuration. Search for "DUES_PAYMENT_ALLOW_CC_BYPASS" in this screen.

  • Click "Allow Credit Card Bypass for Dues Payments (Edit)". Check the box.

  • Click Save.